About Us


Building With the Industry

Building with the industry isn't just our motto, it's our MO.

That’s why when we set out to get to the root of construction’s greatest challenges, we called on its greatest assets. We interviewed over 300 professionals. From Tradeworkers to Architects, General Contractors to Sub-Contractors, and Building Inspectors to Structural Engineers, we left no stone unturned.  

We discovered that despite all the useful tech out there today, very few focused on those actually on the job site.

Because of this feedback, customer feedback became an essential part of our design and development process. By providing an opportunity and a platform for Subs to voice their problems in a peer group setting, we’re able to listen to and understand the needs of the industry from the ground up.

Who We Are

LINQ has deep roots in the industry

Forged out of a technology incubator, funded by the world’s largest tool company, and inspired by fellow tradeworkers. Good teams, like construction projects, begin with a strong foundation. And our team’s foundation is best-in-class. We’re a passionate team of construction professionals, entrepreneurs, and engineers, and we’re proud to be building innovative digital tools for the trades.

Our Crew

Jake Olsen


I have a passion for building things.

Greg Santoro


I’m a user-driven product owner.

Kevin Soohoo


I have an innovative and practical approach to enabling new business capabilities.

Alex Arkhipov


All I need is a time machine. Everything else is irrelevant.

Sarah Vargas


I’m driven to create simple yet delightful solutions that are evolving in response to people’s changing needs.

Ryan Grimm

Search Wizard

I need some of the things I make to actually be tangible.

Walker Lockard

Customer Success

Howdy Y’all!

Nicole Gottwald


I design solutions to improve our customer’s lives.