The Most Useful Tool in Your Toolbox.

LINQ is a search engine that intelligently streamlines your construction document management workflows. Built to create connections between information silos and empower contractors to make confident, cost-effective decisions.

Power up your projects. Streamline construction document management with LINQ.

Is there a “digital divide” on your job site? Tons of helpful document management technology in the back office, but no digital solutions for tradeworkers in the field?

You’re not alone. There’s a critical shortage of technology designed by tradeworkers, for tradeworkers. LINQ is here to fill that gap.

With LINQ, the field and office are connected again. LINQ gives your whole team easy access to the most current project information, eliminating rework and keeping your projects on schedule and within budget.


How LINQ works

LINQ empowers tradeworkers by making construction project information easy to access with the power of just your voice.

Search with natural language

LINQ gives you the power to search with natural language and find the answers you need in seconds. Need to know the thickness of the insulation on this project? Just search, “What is the insulation thickness,” or simply “insulation thickness.”

Always one step ahead

LINQ does more than find answers for you — it understands the dynamic interrelationships among your construction data. It locates the information you want and suggests other documents that might be relevant based on your search.

Collaborate from anywhere

With LINQ, both office-based and field-based team members have instant access to project information that’s always up-to-date. When everyone is on the same page, projects get completed on schedule and on budget — every time.

Cut the clutter. Try LINQ for smarter construction document management.


About us

Forged out of a technology incubator, funded by the world’s largest tool company, and inspired by fellow craftworkers, LINQ has roots in the industry.

Good teams, like construction projects, begin with a strong foundation. And our team’s foundation is best-in-class. We’re a passionate team of construction professionals, entrepreneurs, and engineers, and we’re proud to be building innovative digital tools for the trades. 


Our crew

Jake Olsen


Gregory Santoro


Kevin Soohoo


Sarah Vargas


Alex Arkhipov


Looking to LINQ up?

Our solution is heavily influenced by our Early Adopters, a core of contractor partners who are committed to working along with us as our software evolves.

For more information about LINQ’s Early Adopter Program, please use the contact form below. Limited spaces remaining.